Hadaway Consulting and Engineering, LLC.

Hadaway Consulting and Engineering, LLC is a leading oilfield service provider in the mid-continent region of the United States. Armed with an astounding reputation for solving complex problems, HC&E raises the standard in drilling engineering and completion engineering solutions.

Even though HC&E is known mostly by their engineering staff, a group of 20+ experienced well site consultants provide outstanding supervision to conquer all drilling, completion and work over scenarios.  Throughout every job, each consultant is strictly guided on safety and reporting procedures in addition to their every day operational roles.

HC&E’s ability to co-mingle rig and frac schedules between operators creates opportunities for small independents to reach their production goals, all while using high quality service companies and contractors, and if needed HC&E is fully equipped to serve as the client’s operational department, taking care of all field matters from staking through production.

Hadaway Services

Hadaway Consulting and Engineering consults to oil and gas operators in the following manner:

  • Operations Manager for Drilling, Completion and Production
  • Enhancement Evaluation for Existing Production and Re-Completion
  • Contract Operations Including Joint Interest Billing, Accounting, Geology, Land and Legal
  • Property Evaluation
  • Drilling and Completion Design
  • Fracture Stimulation Design
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Acquisitions and Sales
  • Disposal Well Design and Completion
  • Field Supervision for Drilling, Completion, Workover and Plugging Operations
  • Oil, Gas and Water Pipeline Design and Compression Design


The Hadaway Team

Allen Hadaway grew up in the oil and gas business. His father, William R. Hadaway, was an independent geologist for most of his career, and Allen spent many summers and weekends with his father on drilling rigs.

  • Roustabouted, roughnecked and drilled while putting himself through college
  • Worked offshore gulf coast as a derrickman on semi-rig
  • Graduated from University Of Oklahoma with BS in Petroleum Engineering (1982)
  • Worked for Mesa Petroleum in Amarillo for 3 yrs as a drilling and completion engineer for the mid-continent area
  • Worked for C.W. Kelley Jr., Inc. 5 Years as a drilling and completion engineer in the mid-continent area
  • Established Hadaway Engineering, Inc. in 1990 and since 2011 is now a managing partner in Hadaway Consulting and Engineering, LLC
  • Has drilled approximately 400 horizontal wells in the mid-continent area in such formations as, Cleveland, Tonkawa, Dolomite, Cottage Grove, Atoka, Morrow, Barnett Shale, Marmaton, Kansas City and Hepler
  • Has vast experience in completion of cased hole and open hole packer systems
  • Has worked on wells with SITP of 12,500 psig and 22,000' in depth.

Allen Hadaway has extensive experience in drilling, completion and production of vertical and horizontal wells in the mid-continent area and is currently a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

Jonathan Frederick is one of three managers and the newest partner of Hadaway Consulting and Engineering, LLC. He currently supervises workovers and production for wells operated under contract in all basins. In March 2010, prior to his most recent position, Frederick joined Hadaway and consulted as the Drilling and Completions Supervisor for Hadaway Engineering, Inc—the predecessor to Hadaway Consulting and Engineering, LLC. He is currently applying for Licensure as a Professional Engineer in the state of Texas.

A mechanical engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Tech University, Frederick began his career in May 2006 working as a Field Engineer in Schlumberger Limited’s Drilling & Measurements segment, and in 2008 he was promoted to the position of Drilling Engineer for the Mid-continent region of the United States.

Darrell Narron

Starting out with FMC, Narron soon went to work for Halliburton in 1980 implementing new processes, truck designs and tool designs for all product lines. By the end of his 20 years with Halliburton, where he travelled between Arkansas and California, Narron concluded his career as the Mid-Continent Engineer-at-Large.

In 2000, he joined Hadaway Engineering, Inc. as one of two managing partners.  Responsible for up to 10 drilling rigs and corresponding completions, Narron drilled some of the first Dolomite and Cleveland horizontals in the Anadarko basin and followed up by fracing these with the first Packers Plus type systems.

Narron has been in the oil & gas industry for 30+ years, during which he has fraced and completed over 300 horizontal wells of all system types in all formations of the Anadarko basin. Currently, he manages ~30 salt water disposals—commercial and private. He has worked with pressures of 15,000psi and wells deeper than 28,000 feet and has vast experience in coil tubing and snubbing.

Essentially, Darrell is known to work on wells other people read about in trade magazines.

Stephen A. Moore

Steve Moore started his career with the Western Company of North America as an equipment operator in 1978 and worked in various operation positions including Treater and Field Supervisor until he was promoted to District Engineer in 1985. Over the next 26 years as an engineer, Steve supported the progress of stimulation technique and technology through design, implementation and evaluation of thousands of fracs in nearly all production zones throughout the Midwest. During his tenure, he received training in advanced fracturing, acid and cement design along with well log analysis and cement and stimulation lab practices.

Steve’s recent retirement from Baker Hughes, Inc. (formerly BJ Services) has allowed Hadaway Consulting and Engineering, LLC. to contract him as their Stimulation and Cement Expert. Armed with vast experience and training, Steve is an all-in-one solution to the entire stimulation process from analysis and design in the office to logistics and quality control in the field.











Opportunities to Consult

Currently, Hadaway Consulting and Engineering is looking for experienced well site consultants in drilling, completions and workovers. Please send your resume via email hadaway @ hadeng.com and/or contact us at 806-323-9811. Please note, that all applicants are required to submit a legal urine and hair follicle drug screening conducted by an authorized testing facility.









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